Sunday, June 23, 2013


Assalamualaikum n Hi.. ;)

People have feelings, and I know that reality. Me too have feelings, but why people just ignore my feelings??
why? Is it to cheep for people to at least respect my feelings?

Im tired of people who are ignoring my feeling.. :'( 
TO whom i need to talk? trying to be happy, yeah its me..but deep inside, I bet nobody know how hurt i am with some people around me.. :) Sorry to say, being hurt with the one u love so much is really tough things for me to accept. I know that Im not good enough to be a gud little gurl, but, at least im trying to be a good daughter, but it ALWAYS people saw me as bad gurl rather than being a good daughter,good sister n aunt???Im sorry, im NOT PERFECT..

Sometime i feel that Im not important to U, but i ALWAYS IGNORE that stupid feelings.. but im human who have feeling like what u said.. so, what can I do, PRAY that ALLAH will give me more patience, good faith and to be very good daughter,sister n aunt.. :)

I hope i can be a very good daughter,sister,aunt and good human to all people around me.. :)
Thank you for trained me to be tough n strong gurl inside....people...


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